Here you will find a brief overview of what each role does and the varying complexity when it comes to said role. You can read the description and best decide the role you want to fulfill.

Translator – Chinese / Korean

As a translator, you translate, and it’s usually a series that you enjoy. Translators for NinjaScans can suggest their own series that they would like to be translated, and we might do it! And to top it all off, you get paid based on the chapters you do!


Typesetter – High Priority

As a typesetter your responsible for taking the proofread translations and making them one with the scanlation. You need a keen eye for spacing and font use, and you will be successful.
Needed as a Typesetter: Photoshop, everything we do is in photoshop and you can’t contribute to us without it.


Cleaner – Medium Priority

Ah yes, the cleaner.


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